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Thursday 10th September 2015

Today was my first Foundation Diploma in Art and Design at CSM. As soon as I walked into the room I was overwhelmed by the number of students in one class because I had never been in a class which consists of around 50 students before.

We started off with doing the self-introduction and were split into small groups. My group was given out 3 prints-out from our tutors; Karel Martens (A Dutch graphic designer) for the practitioner, flocking (the process of depositing many small fibre particles onto a surface) for the process and the automobile for the material.  We then created a mind map to work out a connection between the three and combine them to further develop the ideas. I really enjoyed this because creating a mind map is what I usually do to develop and explore my initial ideas.

However, in terms of the way we worked I found it challenging. This is because I'm not used to with working as a group where everyone writes down ideas on one piece of paper. If I were to do this again I would try and discuss more with other students in my group as I felt our group did much more of writing than discussing and sharing our ideas.

Mind map we created for Karel Martens, flocking and the automobile



For our second project we picked up Mary Katrantzou for a practitioner, rubber for a material and weave for a process. I especially found rubber as a very interesting theme to look at as it has a variety of use in our lives such as car tires, rubber bands and wetsuits. At the same time I struggle to combine and link the three as they are very contrasting titles.

Overall, I hopeI will find a way of combining these ideas throughout the research in the library tomorrow and I'm very excited to share ideas with my group next week as it may help to further generate my ideas.

What questions do I need to ask?

I am struggling with figuring out how to use the workflow and how to make it look professional. What needs to be in my A3 sketchbook and workflow?



Self-directed library research

Monday 14th September 2015

In order to continue conducting my research on 3 titles I chose I conducted research especially on rubber as I felt I could expand further on my idea. Therefore, I decided to find any rubber materials and capture them during my travel to school to understand the use of rubber in our lives.

Here are the rubber materials I found on my way to school:

download.php?file=1358109&view=139140&embedded=1&textbox=1358334 download.php?file=1358123&view=139140&embedded=1&textbox=1358334





In order to carry out primary research I 've done questionnaires

In addition to this I also created questionnaires to think about the significance of rubber. Here are the answers I got from my friends and students at CSM.



What did I enjoy the most in today's class?

Today was my first day I worked on my new sketchbook, which I was given last week. I am still not 100% sure about how the workflow and sketchbook should be used, but I'm so glad that I can finally draw and stick resources in my sketchbook. In order to remind myself and answear my question from last Thursday about the difference between the workflow and A3 sketchbook I'll insert this


What have I learnt today?

Until today I didn't like working on the workflow because I dislike looking the the computer screen for long time and I prefer to put everything in my sketchbook (that was how I worked in my GCSEs and A-levels), but since I'm getting used to with this system and it's actually less time consuming that printing out all the resources I've started liking it!



Indivisual extension research

Wednesday 16th September 2015

 In order to carry out further research I went to the library to collect resources I needed and take more inspiration. I then found an artist Ernesto Neto who creates immense sculptures made out of  rubber material. I intend to take inspiration from his work as I like the idea of creating a sculpture where people can relax and lie down.


Text box

Friday 18th September 2015

After reading my feedback from 2 other students I found it inspiring as one of them said that I could further explore my work through the use of bubble wrap. This links back to the idea of protection and it led me to carry out research on artists who creates an artwork related to bubble wrap.

Tomas Saraceno "Flying Garden"





Library sessions & research tasks

11th September 2015

During today's library research I managed to collect number of books related to three titles: rubber, weave and Mary Kantrantzou. I was astonished by not only the size of the library but also the amount of resources available in the library!

After I did my research related to the three I explored a variety of fabrics and materials on the 2nd floor. This gave me a great opportunity to get a real sense of the patterns and texture of materials. I feel that today's class was productive and successful especially when I created a mind map while discussing with 2 other students in my group. This is because although I found sharing my ideas a challenge more I carried out research and discussed more I found links between them.




What have I learnt today?

While I am writing this I've started to understand the importance of constant reflection on my work and progress and recording as it helps me to realise things that I need improve on and find my strengths and weaknesses.

I also realised the importance of not only looking at the advantages of the themes, but also the disadvantages and limitations. The reason for this is that I often research on the good side of the topics and not thinking about the negative sides.

What I found hard and how I overcame?

When I was writing my mind map thesaurus was a very useful as I struggled to get my ideas into words. I will use this website to find synonym.




Ideas factory

Tuesday 15th September 2015

In today's lesson I was asked to write down 5 key elements of each title then produce 30 sketches of ideas inspired by 3 titles in 30 minutes. Although I've coducted a lot of research before the lesson I still struggled to come up with ideas that link to 3 titles as I was under pressure that I had to produce 1 drawing per minute.

I then did a group discussion about our titles with Mr. Helmert. By refining, I feel that this was the part I enjoyed the most in today's class because everyone had a slightly different opinion and thought about each title which made me reconsider my own thoughts.

It also helped me not to limit the 

'weave' does not have to be a physical process.

This slightly change my own definition of weave as now I see weave as connecting 

For example if 2 people get married and have children which would create connections between them, 

By developing the idea of'rubber' I've started focus on the characteristics of rubber  which made me realise that people often use  rubber for protection.


I personally don't like  Katrantzou's use of vibrant and radiant colours as I find them very unsettling. This is I prefer simple colours such as black and white. This helped me expand ideas on distruction.

However, in considering the shape of her garments I really like her use of clear lines and structured shapes, which are inspired by architecture. And I feel that this is something that I would like to expand further.

Having done this I'm slightly more confident about what I do and am looking forward to do some experiments with materials.


What have I learnt today? 

After carrying out the research until 4am today I realised that I definitely need to improve my time management because I always find really difficult to stop what I do once I get started. This  means I'll need to make a plan to structure and manage my time better.

Also, today's class made me realise that it's important to think about how each title link to each other, but also how they link to MY own ideas.

What am I doing tomorrow?

Since the stitch workshop has been cancelled and moved to Friday I will have whole day to do the extension research and carry on with my sketchbook work ( pick up a few ideas i like the most and expand on them). Therefore, I will start preparing for my presentation.



Thursday 17th September 2015

In today's morning class I was told to complete: summary of research, idea development and and final proposal visualisation.Since I had already come up with  my final proposal I tried to take my concept deeper. Having discussed about my final proposal with Mr. Helmert I decided to look into the shape of her garments. What I found most intriguing about her work is that a lot of  garments are symmetrical as the shape of her garments are hugely inspired by architecture.  Also he mentioned that if I was creating a sculpture that people can enter the shape and colours need to be considered carefully to attract the viewer Therefore, I went to the library to print out some of the Katrantzou's garments. At first I didn't find the colours and patterns she uses on her garments, but more the research I did more I started to appriciate it. I then decided to print out more of her patterns to experiment. 









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