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Human Being/ Being Human

Monday 28th September 2015

In today's first fine art class we were introduced to the project 'Human Being, Being Human'.Our task was to communicate as much as we can about Human Being / Being Human to the aliens coming to visit us on Thursday.

We started off with going through the powerpoint of artists. I was particularly intrigued towards "Self"(self blood) by Marc Quinn  as I saw his work at National Portrait Gallery a few weeks ago and I liked how he uses his own blood to represent the fragility of life and his identity.

Descent Worship Totems Ancestry

After lunch, we were told to work in small groups where we had to create our own tribe and design a totem for ourselves.We started off with looking at how technology has evolved throughout the time and how we rely on them. In order to expand this we gathered our electronic devices and put on top of each other.


download.php?file=1448482&view=142691&embedded=1&textbox=1387203 download.php?file=1448483&view=142691&embedded=1&textbox=1387203

Our final piece:


This work represents the progression of what we reply on throughout the time. I personally feel it could also represent the fear of technology revolution, how it's taking over our lives and we are unable to control E.g 3D printing

What did I find difficult?

I struggled to develop my idea as I didn't like the project context. Overmore, the fact we were introduced a few sub theme in one day project eventually led me to confume myself as I am the type of person who is more good at concentrating on one idea than working on a few different themes at the same time. I overcame this working as a group as we supported each other by talking about our own totem and finding links between them


Human Being/ Being Human: Subvert

Tuesday 29th October 2015

In today's last fine art class our aim was to think about how to project and present our work and we all went down to the exhibition downstairs called, "The Intelligent Optimist" which where I saw a range of artworks produced by BA students.

-What is it? e.g about your opinion

-What does it communicate?

- How else could it be presented? What is the intention? e.g scale, form, material

I found this very important as when it comes to analysing your own work it is difficult to see that for yourself. This exercise allowed me to develop analytical skills by questioning what attract me and why i'm gravitated towards the work.

I first tried to think about the potential of potatoes such as crisps and chips. However since they were all expired I wanted to take away their function and change the purpose. I then came up with an idea of using potatoes as a pincushion.I've also become intrigued towards sewing on the potatoes as it is one of my favorite hobbies.




Presentation day

Thursday 2nd October 2015

In today's last fine art lesson we introduced what human beings are to the elian! I continued working on my potato project from Tuesday deciding the locations to take photographs and how to display my work.

My work is a representation of pain and violence as buttons and needles are studded and presse. Alternatively it can be seen as something very practical if you place them on the desk such as when using a pincushion the needles can get lost inside, but using a potatoes as a pincushion would avoid that to happen as it can be cut into half and take the needles. This is why I've changed locations of taking photos as I realised the background is as much important as the subject. I enjoyed working with limitations of potatoes as they were all expired and made me think how it can be subverted in a more functional way.

By refining I feel that I needed to about the concept deeper rather than further develop my final outcome so it would communicate a message across to the audience easier and provokes emotion/ thought in people.







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