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Everyday shapes

Monday 12th October 2015

I was especially looking forward to this week and out of all the classes I've done so far everyday shapes has definitely been my most favoured. This is because I was captivated by how architecture can be manipulated to the body.

Today's class was in Archway. We spent the morning class drawing various shapes, structures, textures and patterns of buildings. By trying to find areas of detail I tried to create different marks and textures of materials. I was slightly disappointed by the location, as I could have drawn both industrial and modern architecture if I was at King's cross campus. 

After we went back to the room we did a few shape drawings utilising the patterns from our sketches in an abstract way. Although I found group drawing a bit uncomfortable I feel that it was useful in that it allowed me to work more freely and not to be afraid of making mistakes. We then choose 3 shapes to work with from the drawings we did in the morning and transfer them to bigger paper. We then cut those parts to drape on the human body; one with texture and other two in 2D. I created fishnet pattern for the one with texture as my other 2 had very simple shapes, which later on became a challenge when drawing the negative space of the silhouetto. We had 30mins to try different  positions for the shape to fit the body, which means we were under pressure and had to work in a fast pace. While doing this I loved the idea of how 2D can be transformed into 3D once it's put on the body.

Drawing exercise:


Negative space (found it hard because my garments were very complicated)


Overall, I enjoyed doing these drawing exercises as I felt that I could represent the body in a variety of forms. I focused on lines and shapes rather than the scale of the garment which turned out to be successful which allowed me to observe the silhouette more carefully. I would like to further develop my drawings by applying different marks and textures and possibly adding more colours to them  



Tuesday 13th October 2015

 I was really looking forward to fashion illustration as I thought I would enjoy applying a variety of techniques and colours. As well as drawing the garments we also focused on how different marks and colours help us to express emotions or feelings of the garments.

I produced silhouette, continuous line, blind drawings as well as blocking. These methods of recording allowed me to capture different things, from texture to negative space. illustration exercise was a fast paced but it allowed me to develop my drawing skills quickly and to make a quick decision of colours and type of pencils you use for each illustration. 

I really enjoyed  putting colour,marks and textures into my work as it helped to heightened the forms and structures of the drawing which made it to become more alive and exciting. I feel that I want to continue working on this idea by experimenting with wider range of media such as masking tape, threads and fabrics. I  found fast pace way of working very inspiring as it allowed me to instinctively and generating ideas quickly.  

Overall, using different types of pencils helped to depict weight and texture of the clothes the models were wearing such as using 8B pencil was suitable when drawing jeans. In addition I've learnt the importance of colours as the feeling of the garments almost depend on the colour you use.




After drawing the silouette


Your data

 Friday 16th October 2015

 Today was my last day of Fashion and Textiles which slightly disappointed me as I found last 2 lessons strongly inspiring and I enjoyed expressing my emotions through different marks and colours. 

For today's class had to bring in 5 objects that meant something to us. I brought in 4 photo frames and an album consists of polaroids, which have been always on my bedside table. I chose these objects because they make me feel secure and people in the polaroids are my friends and family who have influenced who I am today.

For today's lesson I was told to bring in 5 objects which mean something to me. Therefore, I brought in my photo frames and polaroids which have formed my identity as they have been always on my bedside table. The reason why I chose to bring them in was because they consist of people who make me feel secure and who have influenced me who I am.

Working in a small group we had to come up with one word that describes everyone's objects. We grouped our objects together by colour, size and grouping objects with similar associations. I also combined unexpected objects together such as medicine and photo frames. After this exercise we had to merge all of the objects we brought in. By looking at the relationship of these objects we came up with a word secure as they are something which make us feel protected and safe such as purse, photo, ring and medicine.Although we had a disagreement on the composition we overcame this by trying 3-4 different compositions and choosing the most appropriate one. I enjoyed working with limited materials as we only had a tape and strings to merge all the objects together.

We did observational drawings which was similar to what we did on Monday, but this time drawing an installation we made instead of  figure and garment. Applying the techniques I was taught on illustration and everyday shapes classes enabled me to improve my observing skills and experiment with wider range of techniques to show material qualities. I've also realised how simply objects could link using colours. 

After we finished drawing our work I picked up out the key factors that I most liked and transferred them on A5 acetate. By considering the texture, tone, scale changes and repetition I've created new patterns. I mainly focused on tone by experimenting with cutting the acetate out, using different media such as coloured pens and permanent marker and sewing. 

We developed by projecting and magnifying onto the wall, a person and my sketchbook. I further developed this by adding a range of textures and colours to the sketch I did in my sketchbook. 

By refining, I wish my fashion and textiles week was earlier on because this is the curriculum area I find most intriguing and inspiring so I could have spent more time on further developing my ideas.I really enjoyed creating a pattern with different colors and media to convey different emotions and feelings, which I believe is something what I want to develop further in my own time. I believe that today's development process can be used not only for fashion, but also for other curriculum areas. Additionally, I feel that today's project has a lot to explore as there is a great potential in combining this idea with what I'm interested in such as layering, colour and weaving.

Today's task strongly appealed to me, and is definitely a field I want to look into specialising as I want to keep exploring layering, weaving and colour. 

download.php?file=1455162&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247 download.php?file=1455198&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247


download.php?file=1455089&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247 download.php?file=1455104&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247


download.php?file=1455119&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247 download.php?file=1455131&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247 download.php?file=1455152&view=146216&embedded=1&textbox=1441247







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