Culture Swap Reflection

 Culture Swap Reflection



First photo I chose




Monday 23rd November 2015

In today's class I presented 6 photographs I gathered, which reflect my identity and culture to my partner. I then swapped my photographs with my partner and they became my starting point of the project.

What culture did I get?

Korean culture:

1,Mark Ryden (Pop Surrealist): reminds her of childhood

2,Gomusin(Traditional Korean shoes): She likes the meaning behind

3, Korean school student: to represent the idea of strict education system and lack of individuality

4, Samuel Yang: to reflect the idea of unity at Korean school

5, A couple sharing a cotton candy: Idea of how love can evolve one's personality and individuality.

6, Korean Movie ('King in the crown'): she likes old Korean movies and how they're more real that movies in the present.

Before creating samples, I looked at the colour palette of each photograph and tried to limit the number of colours I use. Majority of photos consisted of soft pink, and beige and neutral colours which I used for my samples.

Which photo did I explore?

I started off with exploring Samuel Yang's photo and created samples by extracting the shape of the models. I then produced repetition of the shape. This was to show lack of identity and individuality and unity of Korean school students.I also camouflaged them by putting acetate and tracing paper on top of each other to depict transparent quality of the rubber material garment. 


I then introduced metal wire to represent the regulation of education system as it has connotation of being heartless and coldAfter introducing a wire it reminded me of a circuit board, which I believe could be an interesting starting point.

What have I learnt?

After today's class I've that research is the key aspect of this project as it directly impacts the outcomes. Having seen fashion students' sketchbooks I realised I need to do a lot more of research on photos before creating my samples.

What did I enjoy the most? 

I especially like the shape I extracted as it reminds me of chromosomes because of my interest in biology and I enjoyed creating repetition of this shape with different types of paper and wire. Therefore, I will carry out more research on things related to chromosomes such as DNA and genes.

Questions to Seung Yong...

I wonder why she chose Samuel Yang's photo to represent lack of individuality when she could've chosen other photographs such as a class photo of Korean students wearing same uniform. 


Day 2

Tuesday 24th November 2015

Second photo I chose was a couple sharing a cotton candy.As Seung Yong mentioned that love is finding a way of escape and allows you to think that you can be who you are and you don't have to follow everyone else. My interpretation of this photo was different compared to her response. I found myself more intrigued towards the cotton candy because of my obsession with pink and I was intrigued towards fluffy and delicate quality of cotton candy. For this photograph I created samples using pink wire and beads to depict shiny quality when it dissolves. As well as this, I also applied the shape from the previous photograph to make up new forms of pattern.

Feedback I was given:

Having spoken to my tutor she mentioned that 3 samples I made today don't seem like they've been considered and they look too organic and need more structure. But, she liked chromosomes idea. Therefore, I went back to my first photo and started developing it further. I kept using same materials such as wire and tracing paper. This created samples to look mechanical. I particularly like how hard such as metal wire and soft such as yarn and wool I used contrast against each other.

What have I learnt in today's class?

By refining my sketchbook from today and yesterday's class I realised it's important to write down some keywords on my sketchbook so I can always remind myself what I need to focus on.

What did I enjoy the most?

I am particularly intrigued towards weaving since the beginning of this term and weave with unexpected materials such as metal and silicone tube. I feel that this is something I would like to learn more and develop further.





Thursday 26th November 2015

I spent the morning class creating my samples inspired by chromosomes, DNA. I brought in more materials such as polyester and PVA to experiment with a wider range of materials.

For my colour palette I chose pink, blue and brown because after further research on chromosomes I became interested in how gender is determined by chromosomes. As well as this, I also decided to continue looking at rubber material and its transparency. This has influenced me to use PVA for my samples. 

What did I struggle the most and how did I overcome?

I'm really struggling to generate my ideas today as I'm not confident about my ideas and everything I experimented didn't turn out the way I hoped. Therefore, I will try and push my research further and take aspects of it.

Overall thought:

It was fascinating to find out aspects of a new culture I wasn’t aware of, but I found it difficult to work from other people's photographs. This class taught me the importance of research and how it directly affects my final outcome. By refining, I feel that I should've done more research at the beginning so I wouldn't have struggled now. I also feel that I need to practice illustration as I am still not confident and I enjoy creating collages more. 


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Illustration adn scan



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