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JFA (Jewelry, Footwear And Accessories)

Monday 5th October 

After going through the powerpoint in the morning lesson I've learnt that when producing JFA It's important to;

understand the craft and everything needs to be done high standard

-respond to the current trends for the catwalk

-consider the target market as they represent people's status, wealth and taste

-consider how you wear JFA and attatch to your body 

-think about the narrative e.g Olympia Le Tan

-think about what hasnt been thought and be innovative

-look at the quality of the material


We were then given 3 themes; Suspend, balance and surround and the tutors introduced some designers related to the themes. I personally found surround as the most interesting theme as it can be related to the idea of protection which i was looking at during my ideas factory project. 

I had a hard time choosing which ones to take forward and develop as most of my ideas would've taken more than 2 hours to create and I wanted to do so many of them. After having a discussion with my group they suggested me to do one particular head accessory as it was simplest.I then quickly make my head accessory to visualise the idea. I wasn't sure about the size and the length between each line so I abandoned this initial idea. By refining, I should've tried with different sizes than moving onto next idea as my final peice didn't turn out how I hoped to be. I also run out of time to finish my final piece in the class.

Overall I'm not pleased with my final piece as it looks very unstable and I don't like the fact I used coloured pens to make it more playful, which means from next time I need to be very careful with the choice of colours I use for anything. Since I'm not happy with my final piece I will create another accessory in my sketchbook. In addition, I will need to improve my decision making skills by sticking with one most appropriate idea.

what have I  learnt today?

Shape, height and material all determine the way people perceive you which means it's very important to consider where they can be placed most appropriate part of the body 




Use it

Tuesday 6th October 2015

After 2 days of 3DDA I feel that this is not the curriculum area I should go into. Although I had lots of interesting initial ideas when it became to visualising them it turned out to be different compared to what I expected.

Morning lesson:


Observational sketches of people's interactions to chairs  for 30 minutes (Primary research)

While drawing people utilising seating space I noticed that everyone sits with a different posture. For example their  postures changes depending on what they're doing such as eating lunch, studying and chatting. I also realised the way their backs curve tells how relaxed they're.This allowed me to understand the importance of chairs as it affects people's postures and has an ability for people to rest by allowing them to lead backwards.

After I returned to the classroom we were given 3 words to focus on; customisation, comfort and function

Generating ideas from the drawings I drew a variety of chairs relating to the three. While drawing I became interested in creating a chair which is against comfort as I feel that's what people expect to feel when they're sitting on a chair.

I didn't find today's class interesting, but it was good that I was able to get a feel of what 3DDA is like.





Build it

Thursday 8th October 2015

To finish off our week of 3DDA we built a big structure in a geometric style with bamboo rods and cable wires.

We started off with going through the powerpoint of a range of architects and we also discussed about "what is different between architecture and structure?" 

When constructing the initial platonic structures from bamboo rods we picked 2 structures which involved triangles and pentago. At this point I had a feeling that they wouldn't hold up together as they have different number of angles. However, after I discussed with my group we chose to continue the project. This eventually led us to encounter problems with balancing the geometric structures and making them stand up on their own. We overcame this by   However, I am very pleased with the outcome. If I had more time I would relocate our work such as park and outside of the museum.





Combining 2 structures together


End of the morning class


Placing our work outside


Adding clips to the bamboo rods


Masking tape, tracing paper and light



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